Valentina Golin

Are you ready to live from a place of integrity and wholeness?

You are in the right place

Valentina is here to support you in your journey back to wholeness.

Working with Valentina, you will develop a deep awareness of your own self  by reconnecting with your body, mind, heart and soul.

You will heal patterns that are holding you back, integrate the different parts of yourself, embrace your fears and move beyond them to live your life fully.

Living a life aligned to who your are is absolutely possible and it starts with a discovery of yourself.

The way forward is within” V. Golin

My journey

Reiki helped me find my way back to my true self

My work is inspired by my own story. 

I had reached a point in my life where I felt disconnected and numb towards myself and my life.

It was like someone else was doing the walking for me, I was just going through the motions.

Reiki helped me find my way back to my true self.

As I started reconnecting and developing a compassionate and loving relationship with myself, I started healing and manifesting a life aligned to who I am.

And so can you.



You are safe and held here.

Valentina invites you to take a breath, pause and release.

Release the tension, release the burdens, release the ‘shoulds’ and just be whilst your body, mind, heart and soul receive the nourishment they long for.


This is a space for learning, sharing, and growing.

A space where you will find the courses that Valentina has developed to give you the tools to reclaim your power over your body, your mind, your soul, and your life.

Journey with me

Work with Valentina 1-2-1 to live from a place of integrity, gain clarity, move beyond your fears, and manifest your unique aligned journey.


Superb! It is like having a shower made out of energy! Lovely Valentina, so gentle and kind. Do get in touch with her, you will have so much pain relief, and a profound sense of serenity running through your body that will last for days. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Patty Smith

Wonderful. Valentina is so lovely, and very skilled in reiki. I’ve always been very receptive, have been brought very low by depression recently, and felt amazingly free after just one session, with good things falling into my lap. The power of positive energy, truly wonderful.

Nicki Wickens

Highly recommend Valentina! The sessions are held in a beautiful and calm treatment room. Velentina is so warm, welcoming, attentive and non-judgemental, you are immediately at ease. The sessions themselves go too quickly, she is making you so comfortable and relax, and warm. You feel a lovely heat and tingling and immediately less tensions. Without needing to be told, Valentina found the body areas that are unsettled and somehow treat them. It's non intrusive, and so relaxing. You start feeling better very early in the treatment. Really recommended.


I had reiki with Valentina when I was pregnant with my third child and suffering with severe pelvic girdle pain. It was an amazing treatment and really helped. I was so relaxed, I actually fell asleep! It also seemed to ease a lot of anxiety I was feeling at the time. I would highly recommend her.

Carly Sandland

I was struggling a bit with general life after having a miscarriage and thought I've got to do something about it! My friend recommended Valentina's life coaching sessions and so I booked in and didn't look back. Had a few sessions and have felt more and more at peace with myself and situations I've been in. Valentina managed to pin point where my anxieties stemmed from and has helped me much better manage my emotions. A massive thank you Valentina for you're amazing support which has led me to be a much happier, calmer person.

Marte B.


    The Reiki Path

    Start a fulfilling and nourishing journey to explore your own self and take back your own sovereignty over your body, your mind, your emotions, and your soul.

    Embody a tool that will enable you to support yourself, those you love and your clients in living their life with integrity and in alignment with their whole self.

    Reiki Level 1

    Connection and Empowerment.

    During this level, your consciousness will open to your own sacredness as human being. 

    You will reconnect with the wisdom of your own body and feel empowered by your increased ability to respond to your life’s events in a centred and grounded way.

    You will re-establish your personal power.

    Reiki Level 2

    Balance and Harmony.

    During this level you will learn the 3 Reiki symbols and techniques that will support you bringing harmony and restoring balance in your life.

    You will become aware of blocks and patterns that are holding you back and will be given the tools to work on these and to support others on the same journey.

    You will re-connect with your intuition.

    Reiki Level 3

    Oneness and Integration.

    During this level you will learn 4 Reiki Symbols and powerful techniques to remove energy blocks, open and reactivate chakras and carry out Reiki Attunements.

    You will experience the concept of Oneness and connectedness with everything and everyone.

    This level brings the work of the previous  2 in balance, integrating your embodied experience with your mind, heart and soul.

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