Valentina Golin

Hi, I'm Valentina

Welcome to my web-home!

My dream is for everyone to unlock who they truly are so they can find true belonging within themselves.

I fiercely believe that once we become comfortable in our own skin, accept, and love ourselves for who we are, everything becomes possible!

I believe that to manifest yourself you have everything you need inside you.

This may get lost in the multitude of commitments, tasks, and things we fill our lives with.

I know. I have been there.

All the tools I use and have developed over the years, I have used on myself and still use.

Over the years I worked through debilitating physical illnesses, depression, debilitating perfectionism, and an incredibly harsh inner critic.

I have done the work and I am still doing it every day. 

I embrace and rebirth myself cycle after cycle.

And so can you!

I feel privileged to be able to share all of this with you.

My life, my story

My approach

I am a spiritual pragmatist, I believe in an integrated approach between human beings, nature and the divine.

This reflects in my work as I accompany you on a journey to discover, understand and integrate your cyclical nature, your body’s wisdom, and your intuition. 

believe we are all expression of the same Universal Consciousness experiencing itself through each of us.

This means all your experiences are valid and valuable.

There is no right way or wrong way to live your life, but there is your way and what is right to you.’ V.Golin 

I welcome and deeply honour your truth and unique story.

I invite you to embrace and feel into the strength of your own truth, in all its facets.

I support you birthing your Self, your Life, your Reality.

My toolkit

I like to think of myself as a midwife for your Soul.

I support you becoming aware of what is inside you so you can birth it, manifest it in your reality.

In my work, I carefully blend different techniques and tools to suit you.

As a Reiki teacher and MCA mentor I bring in my ability to provide rich informative content in an easy-to-understand format with lots of practical tools to integrate your journey in your everyday life. 

As a certified Coach dell’Anima (Soul Coaching) I support you identifying limiting patterns and invite you to go beyond them so you can rid yourself of beliefs you no longer need or that were not yours to begin with and open to new opportunities.

As Moon Mother and Reiki practitioner, I support you energetically in reawakening your energy centres, removing blocks, and nourishing your body, your mind, and Soul.

My aim is to empower you to continue your journey on your own.

Work with me

Do you want to feel strong in your own truth?

Do you want to access the wisdom of your body and manifest a life that is aligned to who you are?

Do you feel called to birth a project, idea or a dream?

Do you want to develop a loving relationship with yourself?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I invite you to walk with me.

I can assure you there is a way forward. 

The way forward is within.


Is your body giving you signals that it is time to stop?

Let me support you.

Nurture and nourish your body, mind, and soul with a series of treatments designed to shift your being from ‘Fight or Flight’ Mode to ‘Rest/ Healing’ Mode.


Do you want to access the wisdom of your body? Understand how you operate and learn to look after yourself?

Let me show you how. 

Learn Reiki, MCA, and practical tools to increase your self-awareness and heal your thought patterns, emotional blocks, your connection with yourself and your body.


Do you want to understand yourself? Do you want to manifest and live a life aligned to your truth?

Walk with me.

In my coaching packages I blend coaching, energy healing, MCA mentoring, embodied mindfulness, and pragmatic tools to accompany you on an experiential journey to connect with, heal and manifest yourself.

Body, mind & soul

I wish for all human beings

to unlock who they truly are

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