Valentina Golin


Hello, it is lovely to meet you!

My name is Valentina and I am a Reiki practitioner qualified at Master and Teacher Level and a Level 1 Moon Mother®.

I have been studying and practicing Reiki since 2010, I have recently qualified as a Moon Mother®, and have decided to set up my practice to help women feel whole and connected again.

With a background in Biology and in the Waste and Recycling Sector, after becoming a mum, I decided to change career to dedicate myself to empowering women.

Becoming a mum was a deeply transformative process and Reiki helped me find my way back to my true self, discarding what I no longer needed and embracing change with an open heart and without judgement.

Reiki also helped me during depression, when battling with anxiety, debilitating perfectionism, and removing all the ‘shoulds’ in my mind that were dictating the way I was living.

It is my dream, as a Reiki practitioner and Moon Mother®, to help women rediscover the connection with their own voice, their own body, their own thoughts, their own soul, and the world we all live in.

I wish for all women to unlock who they truly are so they can find true belonging within themselves.

I fiercely believe that once women become comfortable within their own skin, accept, and love themselves for who they are, everything becomes possible! And there is an added bonus too! The positive outcomes do not stop with them, but also ripple through the people close to them.

Imagine what a world that would be!

I hope to see you soon.

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Love and light