Valentina Golin



Coaching is a partnership between the coach and the client aimed at improving the client’s awareness of themselves and their life so they can manifest themselves through their actions and move toward their chosen destination.

During a coaching session, Valentina utilizes a thought-provoking and creative process, that inspires the client to maximize their personal and professional potential.

During a coaching session, Valentina will hold space for you so that you can connect with yourself, safely explore any blocks, gain clarity over your situation and tap into your inner resources to plan inspired actions that are in alignment with who you are and transform your life.

The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.

Each coaching session lasts between 45 and 60minutes and is available via Zoom or in person starting in East Grinstead from the 20th of April 2021.

Your investment: £45 (instead of £60) – launching price 25% off until the end of May 2021.

Cycle Deep Dive

Available from the 4th of May either in person or via Zoom.

This is an intensive 90 minutes’ session during which Valentina combines coaching, her training as Reiki Master and Teacher, her training as Moon Mother to increase your self-awareness and support your healing journey.

“Women are cyclical beings. It is not a choice; it is who we are”. V. Golin

The way we live with, relate to, and experience our menstrual cycle in a particular moment of our lives, gives us a snapshot of who we are and what we are going through.

It offers important and deep insights on our fears, hopes, blocks, imbalances, boundaries, or lack of, our learned behaviors and coping strategies, on our desires and values.

It is an amazing mindfulness tool to connect with our inner compass and develop a relationship with our selves based on love, honesty, compassion, and trust.

During this focused session, we will explore your cycle from an energetic point of view, observe any patterns, blocks and imbalances.

This session will allow you to connect with and listen to your womb, perceive the message/s it has for you and see it as an ally to bring you healing on all levels, redeveloping trust with yourself and your body.

You will leave the session with a better understanding of who you are, how you operate, areas to work on and practical tools.

This session is for you if:

*you have been feeling lost or numb and would like to find your way back to your own self

*feel caged in one or more roles in your life and would like to express your full self

*want to understand yourself better so you can be true to yourself

*want to understand how you and your body can work together

*want to increase your ability to respond to events in your life in a way that is aligned with who you are and is respectful of your body’s needs

*you are a pragmatic person and want to have a practical toolkit to support you navigating your cycle

*want to heal aspects of your cycle and life

Our menstrual cycle is the building block of our life. Once we align with it, we develop resilience and a fantastic ability to respond to changes and situations in our lives in a calm, and balanced way.

Our menstrual cycle is a powerful messenger, giving us daily feedback on anything that does not feel right, on things we no longer need, on patterns that no longer serve us.

Let’s start this wonderful journey of self-discovery together!

Valentina will bring to the session:

*her experience in energy healing, studying, practicing and teaching Reiki;

*her energetic knowledge of menstrual and moon cycle and her experience in balancing and reawakening its energies as Moon Mother;

*her skills as coach;

*her experience of holding a safe space for women to express themselves in; and

*a range of healing, breathing and energy techniques to support you find yourself and recover agency over your life.

What Valentina needs from you during the session:

*an open mind

*ideally 3 months of cycle tracking or at least 1 full cycle at the time of your appointment

*an investment of £75, the first 10 to book will have a 20% discount (£60).


The session is intended for you to gain a better understanding of yourself through understanding how you and your body work during a cycle to bring healing on all levels of your life.

No medical advice on conditions or fertility issues or diagnosis will be given during the session.

The healing techniques that may be used during the session are no substitute for medical care, but complementary.

Clients with conditions requiring medical diagnosis and medical treatment will be invited to see a medical doctor.