Embrace your Cycle - Transform your Life

You may have been told your menstrual cycle is a curse, that it is something you must deal with if you wish one day to have children.

You may have been told to hide it, conceal it, to be ashamed of it.

You may have been told that you go crazy once a month, that everything you say and feel at that time is out of proportions, an exaggeration. That the way you think, and feel is not valid, it is all ‘just’ in your head.

Do you feel:

  • disconnected and numb towards yourself, you feel have lost the ability to tune into yourself and listen to what is going on within you;
  • frustrated and/ or angry that your menstrual cycle prevents you from living your life fully and carrying on as usual every day;
  • uncomfortable in some parts of your cycle and at home in others;
  • that because of your cycle your relationships are not as healthy and supportive as they could be, that you become a ‘worse’ mother, daughter, lover, partner in certain moments of your cycle; and/or
  • unsure of yourself and constantly looking for external validation.

And you want it to change.

‘Embrace your Cycle – Transform your Life’ (ECTL) Programme is for you.

Who is it for?

The ECTL Programme is for you if you want to:

  • deepen your understanding of yourself and your cyclical nature ;
  • be able to tune into your needs and your inner intuition;
  • become aware of your triggers;
  • develop tools that support you in the different phases;
  • start flowing with your life;
  • improve your relationship with yourself and those you love; and
  • transform your menstrual cycle became in your greatest ally to live a life aligned to who you are.

My Story

I used to hate my menstrual cycle, I really felt it was a curse, for years I tried to bypass it, by forcing myself to always be the same: productive, cheerful, emotionally available, and selfless.

But the more I rejected my womb and my cyclical nature, the more I disconnected from it, the more my life got stuck and the worse my issues became.

I used to suffer from severe anxiety in my follicular phase, insecurity during ovulation, anger/ rage in my premenstrual phase and I could not stand my bleed (I used to suffer from endometriosis).

I spent years, putting a lot of energy in ignoring myself for the benefit of others, to adhere to an incompletely unrealistic societal vision of how I should be, think and feel.

I thought the answer was to reject this part of me, to push it away.

I was SO wrong.

The answer was exactly the opposite.

The answer was to Embrace it.

When my perception shifted around my womb, and I started connecting to it and practicing Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA) my life changed dramatically for the better.

Everything fell into place.

I am here to let you know this can be your story.

Why work with me?

Right now, you may be scouring the web to choose the latest book or practitioner in the hope they will explain/ fix what is going on with you.

I hear you and I see you.

I want you to know you do not need someone to fix you or a book with a list of instructions.

I can support you reading the only book you need to read: yourself.

During the Programme I will support you:

  • transform your relationship with your menstrual cycle, yourself, and the people around you;
  • tuning into yourself;
  • recognise, and listen to your inner voice;
  • develop a trusting relationship with yourself; and
  • develop practical, and easy tools that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

At the end of this program you will:

  • become aware of your needs, your triggers, your desires, and your blocks;
  • learn to express them in a way that is supportive to you and to those around you.
  • learn to stay with anything that comes up at any point of your cycle and work with it to support yourself and your life.

The Programme

The programme runs over three consecutive menstrual cycles during which we will:

At the end of the program, you will feel your menstrual cycle as a sacred part of your life.

You will have the tools and feel empowered to continue this journey on your own for the rest of your life.

Your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing will increase dramatically, and your life will start flowing.

Menstrual Cycle N.1

  • You will reconnect with your menstrual cycle, tune into it and practice deep listening.
  • You will develop your ability to stay with anything that comes up, your self-awareness and cycle awareness.

Menstrual Cycle N.2

  • The focus for this cycle will be on healing your relationship with yourself and your menstrual cycle.

  • You will start identifying mental and emotional patterns.

Menstrual Cycle N.3

  • The focus for this cycle will be on how to work with the energies of your cycle to manifest a life aligned to who you are.
  • You will learn about the 4 Female archetypes and how to work with them.

Included in the ECTL Programme

1 initial session with Valentina – up to 2hours long – this includes the activation of your female energy centres and life coaching.

6 follow up sessions with Valentina – 90 minutes long – these include womb healings, MCA (menstrual cycle awareness) mentorship and life coaching.

1 last session with Valentina – up to 2hours long – this includes life coaching, discussion of the menstrual cycle report, MCA mentorship and energy work if needed.

For a total of up to 13hours live with Valentina.

Each session is followed by 

  • a recap email with a summary of the major points emerged during the session, 
  • a list of the inspired actions resulted from the session and 
  • personalised supporting exercises, meditations and documents as needed.

Support between sessions: Valentina will be available via Telegram or via email on working days between 10am and 5pm.

Valentina will meet you where you are at and tailor the program based on your unique circumstances.

Book now

Your investment to embrace your cycle and transform your life is of only £589, payable in full or up to 3 instalments.

Due to the high level of personalised support during this program, I have a limited number of clients I take on each month.

The program is available online via Zoom or in person. In English and Italian.

Learn to tap into your body’s wisdom, embrace your cycle and transform your life.

Book a FREE chat with Valentina to understand if and how you can work together.


During this program no medical advice will be given, if the client suspects a medical condition, Valentina will direct them to consult with their GP.

This program does not include anatomy and physiology lessons on menstrual cycle and/ or female biology or on fertility awareness method or on nutrition.

Please note:

This is an intensive program during which it is essential a strong level of commitment to yourself and to dedicate at least 20-30minutes each day to conduct the activities recommended to make the most of this journey.