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Female Energy Awakening

Female Energy Awakening

The ‘Female Energy Awakening’/ Womb Blessing® is a path of female transformation and healing and a path of returning to our authentic femininity.

It opens women more deeply to the Divine Feminine, raises their vibrations and awakens blocked or dormant aspects of their four female archetypes. By awakening the archetypes, it allows women to embody their own original and authentic way of being a woman. It also helps women to gradually heal and balance the patterns and blocks that lie within their cyclic nature.

The Female Energy Awakening system is a path for women, with or without a womb or a cycle, to grow in self-acceptance, self-love, and empowerment and to walk a path of love and femininity in the world.

Level 1 Moon Mother®

As a Level 1 Moon Mother®, Valentina will walk you through the 4 female archetypes associated with each phase of women’s cycle. Valentina will also hold space for you as you reconnect with and embrace your cyclic nature and discover the different powers each phase gifts you with.

Valentina will invite you to turn the male centred narrative around your periods on its head, from being victims of our cycles, to harnessing the gifts that come with it.

Once women acknowledge and accept that they embody nature’s rhythm, they can then use it to their advantage to walk their own path of what being a woman means to each of them.


  • Personal Womb Blessing® Attunement-Female Energy Awakening (max one per menstrual/ lunar cycle)
  • Womb Healing – Female Energy Balancing
  • Cauldron Energiser – Female Energiser


  • deeper awareness of the Divine Feminine within women and in their lives
  • repressed and dormant aspects of their four female archetypes
  • awaken, energise, and heal the 3 main female energy centres
  • clear old patterns and blocks
  • heal deep patterns of women’s ancestry and past
  • energise the womb energy centre, returning depleted energy and bringing wholeness
  • ground and centre women more deeply in the Earth and in their relationship with Mother Earth
  • increasing self-empowerment and a sense of peace, self-acceptance, and self-love
  • brings healing to all levels of women’s being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Each Womb Blessing® builds on the previous one, making it a path of self-development and spiritual development and an awakening of our authentic female nature.

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Worldwide Womb Blessing®

The ‘Female Energy Awakening’/ Womb Blessing® path also includes 5 FREE Worldwide Womb Blessings® per year by Miranda, the originator of the system, and the Moon Mothers®.

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