Heal... yourself

This is a space for learning, sharing, and growing.

A space where you will find the courses that Valentina has developed to give you the tools to reclaim your power over your body, your mind, your soul, and your life.

The courses will support you connecting with yourself and start your healing journey.

Valentina will share with you with practical tools that you can integrate in your everyday life because healing does not happen in a vacuum.


Reiki Courses

As a qualified Reiki Master and Teacher, member of the UK Reiki Federation and CNHC, Valentina teaches Reiki in 3 levels:

Level 1 – In person or via Zoom – English and Italian – You are being attuned to the flow of Reiki, enabling you to use it for self-healing and for treating friends, family, and family pets.

Level 2 – In person or via Zoom – English and Italian – You will receive a further attunement that enables you to use the three Reiki symbols for distance healing and many other healing techniques.

Level 3 (Master and Teacher) training – 3 days in person intensive course – in UK and soon in Italy – you will be attuned to the Master symbols; you will learn how to give attunements and teach Reiki to others. You will also learn advanced techniques for healing and manifesting with Reiki.

Reclaim the power of your Womb

A 5 weeks journey, new moon to new moon, via Zoom to reclaim and reconnect with the energies and power of your womb energy centre starting Wednesday 2 March 2022. In English.

During the 5 weeks we will circle together on Wednesday evenings to

  • explore the role our womb energy centre plays in our life, 
  • delve deep into our cyclical nature and what it means on a practical level in your day-to-day life,
  • learn about and connect with the 4 female archetypes through guided visualizations and oracle cards.

This is such important work.

When we live disconnected from our wombs, we are disconnected from ourselves, we feel fragmented, not whole.

I will only be running this once this year and there are only 12 spots available. 


Hi, I'm Valentina

Valentina blends coaching, energy healing, MCA mentoring, embodied mindfulness, and pragmatic tools to accompany you on an experiential journey to connect with, heal and manifest yourself.

Manifesting yourself and live a life aligned to who your are is absolutely possible and it starts with a discovery of yourself.

“The way forward is within” V. Golin


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