Valentina Golin

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Hello Beautiful Soul!

Reiki for Women was founded by Valentina Golin – Reiki Master and Teacher, Level 1 Moon Mother® – in September 2019.

Its mission is to assist women on their life journeys with their mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing.

Connect – Balance – Heal – Grow

Reiki for Women’s vision is to accompany women on a journey to restore their health, find their inner balance, their inner truth and their unique way of being a woman.

Change is women’s companion; when we receive our first period, experience pregnancy or the lack of, when we become mothers, when we experience deep loss or when we enter the menopause, to name a few.

The therapies offered at Reiki for Women support all the different stages of women’s lives.

When receiving one of our treatments, you will be in a safe and sacred space. Here you can talk, receive Reiki, reawaken  your unique femininity and find your inner balance and light.

Most of the time, expectations from society, loved ones and your own self pile up, and
among all these voices, it becomes difficult to listen to yourself and follow your true path.

Valentina will lovingly hold space for you as you start connecting with your true self, listening to it, and loving it with tenderness and compassion.

By choosing one or more of the treatments on offer, you choose to love yourself, to blossom, to take your life into your hands, heal your wounds, and grow as person.

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