Valentina Golin

Manifest…your truth

This is not just where you start developing and embracing new awarenesses about yourself: this is where you start integrating these new awarenesses in your every day life.

This is where you implement Soul aligned actions to birth the Universe within you.

This is where your Soul, your Body, your Mind and your Heart start aligning and work together.

This is where long lasting change happens.

Are you ready? Read on.

In her 1-2-1 work, Valentina blends Soul Alignment coaching, Reiki energy healing, MCA mentoring, embodied mindfulness, Womb work and pragmatic tools to accompany you on an experiential journey to connect with, heal and manifest yourself.

Valentina supports your whole being, enabling all your parts to work together towards a common goal: birth your light into this world.

Have fun exploring!


An intensive 3hours’ session with Valentina to focus on a specific issue that is holding you back.

Have you done all that you were supposed to do on paper to resolve your issue but there is still something that bounds you to your current situation?

Or maybe you know all the steps you need to action but when you try to do it, something does not feel right within you? 

Through coaching, distant Reiki and energy moving techniques Valentina will support you identifying your block, connect to it and get the energy flowing again so that you can progress in your manifestation journey.

Your investment: £199

Reclaim the Power of your Womb

A 6 weeks intensive journey to explore yourself in relation to your Menstrual or Moon cycle. An experiential journey that will deepen your awareness of your cyclical nature and support you in identifying inspiring actions to align your life with your cyclical energies.


Superb! It is like having a shower made out of energy! Lovely Valentina, so gentle and kind. Do get in touch with her, you will have so much pain relief, and a profound sense of serenity running through your body that will last for days. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Patty Smith

Wonderful. Valentina is so lovely, and very skilled in reiki. I’ve always been very receptive, have been brought very low by depression recently, and felt amazingly free after just one session, with good things falling into my lap. The power of positive energy, truly wonderful.

Nicki Wickens

Highly recommend Valentina! The sessions are held in a beautiful and calm treatment room. Velentina is so warm, welcoming, attentive and non-judgemental, you are immediately at ease. The sessions themselves go too quickly, she is making you so comfortable and relax, and warm. You feel a lovely heat and tingling and immediately less tensions. Without needing to be told, Valentina found the body areas that are unsettled and somehow treat them. It's non intrusive, and so relaxing. You start feeling better very early in the treatment. Really recommended.


I had reiki with Valentina when I was pregnant with my third child and suffering with severe pelvic girdle pain. It was an amazing treatment and really helped. I was so relaxed, I actually fell asleep! It also seemed to ease a lot of anxiety I was feeling at the time. I would highly recommend her.

Carly Sandland

I was struggling a bit with general life after having a miscarriage and thought I've got to do something about it! My friend recommended Valentina's life coaching sessions and so I booked in and didn't look back. Had a few sessions and have felt more and more at peace with myself and situations I've been in. Valentina managed to pin point where my anxieties stemmed from and has helped me much better manage my emotions. A massive thank you Valentina for you're amazing support which has led me to be a much happier, calmer person.

Marte B.

    Hi, I'm Valentina

    Valentina blends coaching, energy healing, MCA mentoring, embodied mindfulness, and pragmatic tools to accompany you on an experiential journey to connect with, heal and manifest yourself.

    Manifesting yourself and live a life aligned to who your are is absolutely possible and it starts with a discovery of yourself.

    “The way forward is within” V. Golin


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