Valentina Golin

This is for you

All of you is welcome here.

Valentina’s offering is designed to support you birthing your Self, your Dreams, your Reality so you can walk tall and strong in your own truth and live a life aligned to who you are.

There are 3 steps that are key to this:

Connection, Healing, and Manifesting

Valentina’s offering covers all of these, providing you with different starting points to begin looking within, exploring yourself.

Valentina’s offering is divided in 3 categories: connect, heal, and manifest. 

In the connect section you will find services that support you connecting with yourself, listening to your intuition and start your healing journey.

In the Heal section you will find courses that build on the previous section and support you taking your healing journey into your own hands.

In the Manifest section you will find 1-2-1 tailored support from Valentina to connect, heal and manifest yourself.

It does not matter where you start, Valentina meets you exactly where you are.

Valentina’s Values

Natural Equality

I believe we all are different incarnations of the same consciousness. All our experiences are equally valid, valuable and enhance the world we live in.

Individual Sovereignty

I believe in freedom of choice, self-ownership and in the right to make choices about our own bodies and lives.


I believe that by accepting where we are at any given moment, we can understand ourselves better, open to self-compassion, give us grace and allow ourselves to be our truest selves.


Is your body giving you signals that it is time to stop? 

Are you feeling disconnected and numb when you think about your life?

Are you tired of pretending you can carry the same load each day?

Let me support you.

Nurture and nourish your body, mind, and soul with a series of treatments designed to shift your being from ‘Fight or Flight’ Mode to ‘Rest/ Healing’ Mode.


Do you want to access the wisdom of your body? Understand how you operate and learn to look after yourself?

Let me show you how. 

Learn Reiki, MCA, and practical tools to increase your self-awareness and heal your thought patterns, emotional blocks, your connection with yourself and your body.


Do you want to walk with your head held up high sure of yourself and of your place in the world?

Do you want to understand how you operate, your needs and desires?

Walk with me.

In my coaching packages I blend coaching, energy healing, MCA mentoring, embodied mindfulness, and pragmatic tools to accompany you on an experiential journey to connect with, heal and manifest yourself.


I wish for all human beings to unlock

who they truly are