Valentina Golin

Learn Reiki

Learning Reiki

Learning Reiki is a gift of self-love that lasts a lifetime and it can be practiced by anyone!

When attending a Reiki course you start a journey to heal yourself, better manage your emotions and experience a deep sense of connection within yourself and with everything and everyone around you.

Imagine what a wonderful world would be if all of us had the ability to channel healing energy for our personal growth and wellbeing and that of others!

You do not need any knowledge prior to the course, you only need to show up, commit to it and receive an attunement. It’s that easy!

There is also the opportunity for an online course to support you developing your own personal Reiki practice. This course is for those of you that have been attuned years ago but would like more guidance in developing their own personal practice.

Is Reiki for me?

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide, but there are a few things you can ask yourself before enrolling on a Reiki course that may help you decide.

Do you wish to:

  • better manage stress/ anxiety/mood swings?
  • cope with changes in your life in a calmer, more positive way?
  • grow from a personal and spiritual point of you?
  • reconnect with yourself?
  • support yourself and others close to you when unwell?
  • manage chronic pain in a more natural way?
  • become more positive?

If at any point you have answered yes, then a Reiki course might be for you. I warmly invite you to watch my video ‘A brief introduction to Reiki’ for more information on Reiki or to contact me for an informal chat if you have any questions.