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Womb Embodiment Course

Womb Embodiment Course

A 5 weeks’ journey from New Moon to New Moon to reconnect with your womb and your cyclical nature starting Thursday 4 November.

As we journey together through a cycle, we will develop a deeper relationship with our self, our body and our inner compass based on trust, love, respect, and compassion.

The way we live with, relate to, and experience our monthly cycle (whether it being menstrual or moon cycle, you do not need to have a physical womb to participate in this course) in a particular moment of our lives, gives us a snapshot of who we are and what we are going through.

It is such an amazing, embodied self-awareness tool.

What happens during the course

During the course we will start by reconnecting with our womb, the physical and energetic source of our being, through visualizations, embodied awareness, opening a dialogue with our womb and sharing our womb stories.

I cannot stress this enough. This is such important work.

When we live disconnected from our wombs, we are disconnected from ourselves, we feel fragmented, not whole.

What happens then, is that we live our lives in a constant fight or flight response. We shift between a state of aggression and one of fear, moving from one extreme to another.

As the course progresses, we will, week by week, explore the different energies of each phase and observe, feel, and understand how we react to them so that we can learn to work with them in a way that works for each of us.

We will drop deep into our bodies and our emotions to unlock their messages and gain deep knowledge of ourselves, our patterns and habits in a way that empowers us to live our lives aligned to who we are.

We will become proficient in reading our body’s signals, so that we can choose how to respond to them as opposed to simply react.

Included in the course

10 hours of circle time in person with Valentina holding space. These are every Thursday evenings from 7:30pm to 9:30pm starting from the 4th of November for 5 consecutive weeks at the lovely studio at ‘Volume 1 Climbing’ in East Grinstead. The first and last circle will include an opening and closing ceremony and each session includes a complementary cup of herbal tea for each participant.

As L1 Moon Mother Valentina will offer each participant a ‘Womb Energiser’ at the end of each circle and information on the Worldwide Womb Blessing® at the end of the course.

For those wishing to further deepen their relationship with their wombs, there will be journal prompts between sessions.

You will have access to group support throughout the whole course either via Facebook, Signal, WhatsApp or email (to be decided by the participants) to share your journey with the other participants.

You will also have access to personal support via email with Valentina for any questions you may have.

This course is for you if you want to:

Explore the relationship between yourself and your cyclical nature

Gain a better understanding of your cyclical nature

Stop feeling a victim of your cycle

Feel empowered by your cycle

Learn to read your body

Increase your self-awareness

Have a practical toolkit you can use to support you navigate your cyclical life

Have an embodied understanding of your womb and the gifts that each phase of your cycle brings to you

Increase your resilience

And, you are prepared and committed to do the work

Your investment: £90

Due to the deep and intimate nature of this work I am limiting the number of attendees to 6/8.

I kindly advise you to book early to avoid disappointment.

Not included in the course

A session on the biology and chemistry of our wombs, how to balance hormones and fertility awareness. The course is intended for you to gain a better understanding of yourself through understanding how you and your body relate and interact with one another during a cycle.

No medical advice on conditions or fertility issues or diagnosis will be given during the course.

Participants concerned about their menstrual or general health will be advised to speak with their GP.


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